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Should I Hire Movers to Take My Child to College?

Moving your child into college can be a bit of an overwhelming experience. When you combine the emotions of having your baby leave home and the countless bins and boxes they want to bring with them, the day can become very hectic, to say the least.

This has some parents wondering if they should skip packing up their carĀ themselves, and hire a moving company to help get their kids to their future alma maters. Here are just a few things to consider.

How Far Your Child’s School Is

If your child’s school is somewhat local, you may be fine moving them in yourself — even if you have a lot of things to move, you have the ability to make a few trips. However, if your child is heading to a school several hours away, you don’t have that same luxury. This is especially the case if your child is moving from one end of the country to another.

You may want to save yourself the gas, mileage, and other expenses that come with long distance moving and hire a moving company to make that trip for you.

How Much Your Child Is Bringing with Them

Especially if your child’s college is far away, they may not be able to come home too often if they need different seasonal clothes or forget to pack some things when they first move in. In this case, they'll likely pack a lot of things from the get-go and have more bins than if they were going to a school closer to home.

The problem comes in if your car isn't big enough to fit everything they packed. A professional moving company can not only take care of all that packing for you, but they have trucks big enough to accommodate everything you need to bring with you.

Who’s Moving Your Child In

If it's just you and your child moving into school, it may be physically tolling to move everything if it’s only just the two of you. Moving your child into school can also be difficult if you have any disabilities or health problems. Professional movers can literally take care of the heavy lifting for you with ease.

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