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How to Organize Before You Move

One of the most difficult tasks you can face when moving is not actually the move itself — it's staying organized. In order to avoid losing track of things before you move, it's essential to devise a system that will help you stay organized and know exactly where everything is.

Print Out Checklists

Even if you're a bigger fan of digital lists, trust us on this. Print out specific checklists that apply to each area of your home — your bedrooms, living room, kitchen, etc. Have each list contain the specific items you're packing in each room — the more specific you are, the better. This ensures you don't forget or misplace anything before it's packed and ready to go.

Have a Moving Binder

Beyond lists of what you're taking with you, you should also create a binder that contains all of the documents and information you'll need when moving. This can include the contact information of your moving company, phone numbers for utility companies, personal and medical records, insurance paperwork, and more.

Decide What to Junk

Just because something is in your current home, that doesn't mean it has to come with you to your next home. We all have plenty of items that have sat in the garage or attic for years that are better off being donated to charity or junked completely. Set aside a few hours during your packing to decide what you truly need to keep and what you don’t.

Keep Boxes Organized

It's rare that you're going to unpack everything after you move the very first day you're in your new home. Instead of having to sort through boxes for things you need right away, give each box a number and keep a list of what that box contains. You can also color code your boxes based on what room they apply to.

To stay truly organized before you move, it's wise to enlist the help of professional local movers who have plenty of experience to get the job done.

At College HUNKS.®, we go beyond just moving your belongings. We want to be there for you from start to finish. The moving process should be exciting and fun, so we can help you with everything moving related. Contact us at (833) 626-1326 to get started.