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Make a Smarter Move: High-Tech Upgrades to Look for in Your New Home

There’s nothing quite like the limitless potential of a new home. Moving is an opportunity to try a new style, reorganize your favorite possessions, and get a little bit closer to building the living space you’ve always dreamed of.

It’s also the perfect time to invest in some valuable smart home upgrades that can change your family’s daily routine, keep your new home safe, and even help save you money on a monthly basis. Here are a few of the best smart home items to look for in a home—or to add to your shopping list—as you evaluate your new space.

Smart lightbulbs

Brighten Your Rooms with Smart Lights

If you’re new to smart home technology, a great way to get your feet wet is to invest in and take advantage of a smart lighting system. Whether you’re moving into a home with smart switches on the wall, or just want to add some smart bulbs in your favorite fixtures, smart lighting can transform the feel of any room while upgrading your lights to the latest energy-efficient bulbs.

Most smart lights feature full control over color temperatures and dimness levels, and the best products can even display thousands of colors and react to media such as your favorite movies or the beat from your speakers. Many also feature intelligent scheduling that can turn the lights on right at sunset and shut things down minutes after your family goes to bed. They’re a fun, environmentally-friendly lighting solution for almost every room and you can manage and control them from anywhere.

Smart thermostat

Keep Your Cool with a Smart Thermostat

An upgraded thermostat may not sound as fun as switching to color-changing light bulbs, but you’ll be shocked by the convenience that a smart thermostat can add to your home. Not only can you adjust the temperature from your phone at a moment’s notice, but the AI-driven smart scheduling that’s found in the most popular products can help your home save significant levels of energy (and make your wallet thicker as well). It’s a feature that blends in with your walls, but that will show its value when you get your monthly energy bill.

Smart security system

Keep a Watchful Eye with a Smart Security System

If your new home has motion sensors on doors and windows that are connected to a wireless security system, consider it a value-add. Everyone wants to feel safe in their home, and sensors (plus a few WiFi smart cameras) are a great modern solution to a common home security concern. Traditional home security systems work best with today’s inexpensive smart cameras, which are simple to set up, easy to operate and offer the option of remote control from your smartphone. Even better, today’s smart cameras don’t require special wiring. If your dream home has one of these valuable systems already in place, look no further. But it’s also an easy add-on once you move in.

Whether you hear a noise while lying in bed or want to check in on your home from the beach, there’s never been a better way to keep tabs on your home.

Smart home hub

Bring It All Together with a Smart Home Hub

As you weigh your upgrade options, keep in mind that you can make everything work together using a smart home hub from your local internet service provider: Create “rules” that allow your lighting, heating and security system to all work under pre-set conditions. As great as these products are on their own, tying them together with a smart home hub can unlock some fun automation and nearly unlimited potential. Additionally, you may be able to bundle a home security system with your internet, TV and phone services for a great value.

As you sign important papers and unpack trucks of boxes, take a break to do some research for some smart home security gadgets for your new place. It could even be something you discuss when you call to set up your cable or internet service. College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving can help you move to your new home and start enjoying your new technology - find your nearest location!

Eric MurrellEric Murrell is a software developer and technology contributor to Xfinity Home. He enjoys sharing tips on how people can benefit from incorporating smart home automation and security in their homes on his blog At Home in the Future.