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What Type of Kitten You Should Get Based on your Junk

July 10th is National Kitten Day, so we thought we would provide you with a foolproof way to select which cat breed fits you the best. This system is based solely on what junk you need taken away.


Finally! You got rid of that old couch that was so broken-in you practically sunk to the ocean floor every time you sat down. Now that you got a new one, and you and your furry pal can spend plenty of time breaking it in. The Maine Coon is the perfect fit for you! This large cat breed thoroughly enjoys relaxing with his people anytime, anywhere. The Maine Coon is considered the gentle giant of the cat world, and they certainly live up to the name.

Couch Cat

2. BBQ Grills

If you’re removing or donating your old grill, you clearly have upgraded. With a new grill, I can safely assume that you are cooking up a storm with different spices and exotic meats. With that being said, the perfect cat to match a master-chef is the Exotic Shorthair. This cat is known for sitting by its bowl and whining for food. They are constantly eating and on average weigh as much as 15 pounds. A little something from the grill every once and a while will keep this cat content and satisfied.

Grill Cat

3. Washer & Dryer

Old washer and dryers are a pain, but the new ones are always a huge step up. The new washer and dryer combo keep your clothes smelling clean longer. A cat that is similarly easy to keep clean and properly groomed is the Colorpoint Shorthair. The short fine coat of Colorprint makes it easy to groom and requires little maintenance.

Washer and Dryer Cat

4. Workout Equipment

Typically, if you are moving or removing workout equipment from your life, one of two things have taken place. First, you could have replaced your outdated machines with cutting-edge new fitness technology to take yourself to the next level. OR, (if you’re like the rest of us) that treadmill has been in the basement collecting dust for the past 5 years, and it’s time to go. As a result, the breed that will match your needs is the Ragdoll. This kitten is prone to lap-sitting. Not only will she accompany on the couch, she is also known for being social and affectionate.

Eating on a Treadmill Cat

5. Mattresses & Box Springs

New mattress? Better put that bad boy to use. With theSphynx you can. This breed loves to cuddle. Also, they are very intelligent, inquisitive, and friendly.

Mattresses Cat

6. Yard Waste & Tree Limbs

Bad storm rolls through? We all have had it happen. As a result, we get tree limbs and a variety of other things that happen. A cat that truly embodies yard waste and tree limbs all in places you don’t want them is the Minskin. Just like your yard debris, this cat just makes things less attractive. Known for being hairless, short, and stocky this guy typically has wrinkles all over its body.

Trees and Bushes Cat

7. Carpet and Flooring

Getting new carpet or flooring is a great investment. It adds a lot to a house by making it feel much more like a home. The cat that most closely matches with someone saying goodbye to their carpet or flooring is the American Bobtail Cat. This cat is known for shedding the most of any cat and can cover all carpet or flooring with piles of hair.

Rolled up Carpet Cat

8. General Trash

“Eh. Maybe I’ll use this later. Just toss it in the garage.” Everyone is guilty of hanging on to extra belongings that will never see the light of day. Eventually, all this stuff piles up. College Hunks is commonly called to clean out the attic or garage. Likewise, the Siamese cats are hoarders. They will steal small belongings and hoard them away in a secret spot without you even knowing. Like owner, like cat.

Junk in Garage Cat

These cats are clearly a perfect match for your home. Enjoy your National Kitten Day!