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Move The World Monday: Rescuing Kittens

junk removal company finds kittens on job

Move the World Monday

At College Hunks, our company purpose is to Move the World. We strive to do this by not only moving people physically but also emotionally. That’s why we’re starting a weekly installment known as Move the World Monday. Each Monday, we will share a story of how we are moving the world and living our core values!

Rescuing Kittens

While out on a junk job, the College Hunks in Brevard County saved some kittens while demolishing a shed. The kittens were abandoned and made a home underneath it. The H.U.N.K.S. carefully removed the kittens from the shed. All of the kittens were safe and are now in a loving home.

Great job H.U.N.K.S. on moving these kittens’ world!