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Hunger Hero Awards: National Partner of Feeding Children Everywhere

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Friday night, we were humbled to accept an award for being the national partner of Feeding Children Everywhere at their Inaugural Hunger Hero Awards Banquet. During the day, a few members of the College Hunks corporate office traveled from Tampa to Orlando to tour Feeding Children Everywhere’s office and warehouse.

Feeding Children Everywhere Warehouse Tour

We first toured through the warehouse. This is where we saw the supply kits that Feeding Children Everywhere packages up to ship out for hunger projects. Some items that these kits included are funnels, a tote, and scales – all items necessary to hosting a hunger project. In this room, there was also a small stash of meals saved for in case of an emergency or disaster.

Supplies being stored

Hunger Project Display

The next room that the tour guide brought us to was the center of the building. On one side of the room, a hunger project display was set up. This is used to show how hunger projects should be designed and look.
Also in this room was a small merchandise area. Visitors could purchase t-shirts and other various Feeding Children Everywhere items. With the purchase of every item, 20 meals are given to a child in need.

Fed 40 Program

Our tour guide began to tell us about their “Fed 40” program. Fed 40 is a relatively new program at Feeding Children Everywhere that allows someone in need in Central Florida to download an app or visit a website, and anonymously request a box of 40 meals (Red Lentil Jambalaya). This package will then be delivered to that persons home the next day. This provides nutritious meals to individuals that struggle with accessing food banks. The program also connects these people with other resources that can help propel them forward and to help benefit their situation.

Posters on a back wall

Core Values & Milestones

An important part of Feeding Children Everywhere’s culture is their core values. That is why there is a wall covered in their values, photos of people living those values, and some of the milestones that Feeding Children Everywhere has hit. Some of these milestones are packaging and distributing their first 1 million meals, hiring their 500th intern, and their largest, single hunger project that packaged 2 million meals.

One of Feeding Children Everywhere’s core values is “No Limits.” The ceiling of every office is painted a light blue color, to remind employees and interns that not even the sky is a limit. It was an impactful experience to hear their core values and how all team members lived these values.

Feeding Children Everywhere Announces New Breakfast Meal

After the tour, we headed to the Hard Rock Hotel to attend the Inaugural Hunger Hero Awards Banquet. At the ceremony, Feeding Children Everywhere announced the release of their new meal: Apple Pie Oats. This is an accomplishment for Feeding Children Everywhere because they only had 2 meals prior. Those two meals were a red lentil jambalaya and a lentil casserole – both of which are primarily lunch or dinner meals. The Apple Pie Oats is a nutritious breakfast meal.

``Breakfast is the foundation of a productive day and a productive life.`` - Dave Green, CEO of Feeding Children Everywhere

Feeding Children Everywhere will be providing these breakfast meals to children in need all over the world. Having breakfast will allow the children to be more productive and essentially have a brighter future.

``It's difficult to have hope when you don't even have breakfast.`` - Dave Green, CEO of Feeding Children Everywhere

Hunger Hero Awards: National Partner of Feeding Children Everywhere

National Partner of Feeding Children Everywhere

College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving received an award for being the National Partner of Feeding Children Everywhere. This partnership means that we have committed to hosting hunger projects throughout the year, we’ll donate 2 meals for every service we provide, and we’ll use our fleet of nationwide trucks to assist with labor, transportation, or anything else that Feeding Children Everywhere may need. We are honored to be partnered with this amazing organization!