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Move The World Monday: Performing CPR

college hunks performing cprLast week one of our Tampa H.U.N.K.S. was standing in line at a local coffee shop. He noticed the cashier began to freak out, and he turned around to see why. He noticed that an elderly man (about 70 years old) had fallen to the ground. The H.U.N.K., a former EMT and licensed fire fighter, quickly began performing CPR on the man. The man didn’t have a pulse, so the H.U.N.K. called 911 and performed CPR again. The man coughed and became responsive again.

This H.U.N.K. truly moved this man’s world. Thank you for acting quickly and helping this man in his time of need! WhooHunk!

(Note: This H.U.N.K. wished to remain anonymous, but was from the Tampa franchise.)