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Building Leaders Story: Meet Toni Harvey

college hunks team member

Meet Toni Harvey: HR Coordinator

At College Hunks, one of our Core Values is Building Leaders. We think it’s important to acknowledge and reward the hard work that team members put forth. Because of this, Toni Harvey has begun climbing the corporate ladder. She started off as an entry-level sales agent and has received two promotions during her time at College Hunks.

When did you join College Hunks?

May 6th 2013

What was your starting position?

I worked in the call center as a Sales Agent. I primarily answered questions and booked jobs for the franchises.

Tell me about your promotion.

My current title is HR Coordinator, before that I was a Shift lead, and prior a Sales agent.

My current position is very different from the other jobs I held here at College Hunks Hauling Junk, but I have some similar duties. When I was on the phone as a sales agent, my main goal and objective was client satisfaction. Now as the HR Coordinator, it’s the same goal but rather focusing on our employee satisfaction within World Head Quarters.

What have you learned while working at College Hunks?

I’ve learned how to communicate with others more efficiently, both on the phone and in person. I have also obtained management skills and, most recently, HR responsibilities that were once so foreign to me.

What is your favorite thing about working at College Hunks?

The culture. I also love the chance to meet and work with my current and past team members. College Hunks has truly become my home away from home.