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Building Leaders Story: Meet Bridget Tran

Bridget Tran

Meet Bridget Tran: Franchise Support Specialist

At College Hunks, one of our Core Values is Building Leaders. We think it’s important to acknowledge and reward the hard work that team members put forth. Because of this, Bridget Tran has switched gears from sales to aiding franchisees as the Franchise Support Specialist.

When Did You Join College Hunks?

I joined College Hunks in June 2012

What Was Your Starting Position?

I started as a Call Center Sales Agent.

Tell Me About Your Promotion

I was first promoted to Team Lead in the Call Center back in 2013. I enjoyed that position because I was able to share my sales techniques to other fellow agents. I was then promoted to my new position as Franchise Support Specialist as part of the Performance Team. So far has been amazing!

How Is This Position Different Than Your Previous Positions?

What’s been different is the pace. I feel like my days go by faster because I’m always working on something. There is not a time in the day where I don’t have something to work on. I also interact with different people now. When I was a Team Lead, I primarily interacted with call center agents. In this new position, I interact mainly with franchise owners and vendors.

What Have You Learned While Working at College Hunks?

  • Teamwork makes the dream work
  • Communication Skills
  • Organization (scheduling smart)
  • Prioritizing
  • Listening & Comprehending
  • Managing

What is Your Favorite Thing About College Hunks?

My favorite thing about College Hunks is the people I work with. Everyone that works here is intelligent and knows what they are doing. It’s great to be surrounded by people that respect me and my work ethic and vice versa. We all love College Hunks and want to be a part of something that is becoming so big.