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Are you Living Green?

Tips for Green Living infographic

What is “Green Living”?

Green Living is conserving Earth’s natural resources. It’s eliminating or reducing waste and energy, and it is a way to live sustainably. Green living uses renewable resources for energy as opposed to exhausting nonrenewable resources.

How Can You Live Green?

You can live green by reducing your carbon footprint. This is done by decreasing the amount of energy you use, reducing the amount of fossil fuels you produce, and by eliminating waste. To integrate green living into your life, you can make small changes like shutting off the water while brushing your teeth, recycling plastic bottles instead of trashing them, or waiting to run the dishwasher until there is a full load. Or you can choose to make larger changes like transitioning to solar energy.

There is no single way to Live Green, but everyone can participate to make the world a better, healthier Earth.

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