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Minimize Clutter Ahead of Time

Most people don’t realize how much clutter they collect, or what is causing this clutter. Try minimizing clutter before it reaches your home.

Decline Unnecessary Freebies

Getting things for free is nice, but they aren’t always necessary. Do you really need that coffee mug you were given at the Home Show? Unless you own zero coffee mugs, and are an avid coffee drinker, the answer is probably no. It will just end up in your cabinet with all of the other ones. Next time, politely decline the mug and move on.

Piles of Papers

Mail and magazines are quick to pile up. They get set to the side because you plan come back to them later. Instead of having a mountain of paper to eventually recycle, opt out of mailings and opt in for emails. You can file these emails and ads, and get back to them later, without having them pile up on your counters. Create a file in your email for these for you to look at when you so choose.

Sharing is Caring

There are some household items that you just don’t constantly need. Thinking of buying a new tool for renovating your backyard? If you are only going to use it for this specific task, consider renting it, or borrowing it from a friend. This reduces clutter,and saves you money. It’s a win-win.

Books have a habit of piling up, but most of them are only read once or twice. Next time, rent the book instead of buying it. If you just have to own it, get it on a tablet. You can store thousands of books on one, and it minimizes the need for a book shelf.

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