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How To: Organize a Closet

Closets are a great hiding space for unnecessary items. People throw items into the closet, and close the doors when guests are over. This is a terrible habit. It’s time to organize your closet, and find more space for essentials.

Here are some tips on getting your closet in tip-top shape.

First, take everything out of the closet. This allows you to think twice about an item before placing it back in the closet. You can also see how much room you actually have in that closet.

Group like-items together. This way you don’t have to battle your closet looking for something, everything is together.

Storage bins are your best friend. Instead of having stuff randomly set on shelves or the floor, stick them in their own designated bin. It will be easier for you to find these items later.

Decide whether something is worth keeping. If you love it, or it is completely necessary – keep it. If not, donate it. If you are unsure, put it in a box for a few months. If you didn’t miss it, it’s safe to donate.

Don’t make bad storage decisions. Store items in the proper closet or space. Try to store your out of season items in the back of the closet, or somewhere that they are hard to reach. If you pulled out something that doesn’t belong in that closet, move it to the right location instead of adding it back in.

Go through your towels and linens. Try to limit your towels and linens by only keeping 2 or 3 per person, and maybe an extra for guests. If it has a hole or stain on it, set it to the side. Most people would toss these raggedy items, but they can be donated to a local animal shelter.

Add a light to your closet. It helps if you can see what you have. The more you can see, the more items you will use.

Remember, anything that's not able to be donated is able to be recycled!