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Eliminate Stress When Getting Organized

Disorganization in a home can lead to stress, but organizing can be a long, time-consuming process that also leads to stress. So how can this be fixed? Here are a few ways to eliminate stress while organizing.

Start Slow

When starting to organize your home, start off with small tasks. Choose a drawer or cabinet to clean out first. This will allow you to get into a groove, and become familiar with the organizing process. It will also help you to plan how you will want to tackle larger projects as you move on. Gradually increase the workload after every project. This will reduce the shock of organizing your home.

Plan Your Time

Don’t expect all of your organizing to be done in one day. Set aside time each day to work on arranging your home. Decide which tasks you want to do first, and place them on a calendar for a reminder. If you start to feel overwhelmed, give yourself a day or two off, then start again.

Plan more time than you think necessary for each task. If you expect it to take an hour, give yourself two hours to accomplish the project. This allows you to thoroughly finish organizing instead of racing the clock and rushing through it.

Take Breaks

Try not to do back-to-back projects. Take a break between organizing areas to eat or relax. Without taking a break, the thought of organizing will be overwhelming and stressful. It’s important to take time for yourself between projects to eliminate the risk of getting overworked or stressed out.

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