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Donate Duplicates to Decrease Clutter

When you open your cabinets, do you get showered with plastic containers? Or you aren’t able to close your drawers because your socks are bursting out of them? Or you can’t open your laundry door because the cleaning supplies fell over again? If any of these things happened to you, it may be a sign that you need to get organized.

One simple rule to follow when organizing is to donate duplicates. You don’t really need all of those 20 coffee mugs. Pick your favorites, and get rid of the rest.

Out With the Old, in With the New

Whenever you are planning on getting something new, figure out what you are going to do with the old one. Most of the time, you are able to donate it. This is a great way toeliminate clutter in your attic, garage, or closet.

Ask yourself “are you willing to give up the item that you currently have, for this one?” There is no use in having two of the same items if you are only going to use the new one.

Create a “Donate It” box somewhere in your home. Whenever you start organizing, toss your unwanted stuff in this box. Once the box is full, or you’re tired of looking at it, call College Hunks and we’ll do the rest.

Separation Can Be a Good Thing

Sort your belongings into two piles – things you use regularly, and those you don’t. By being able to actually see the things you don’t use, it makes them easier to get rid of.

Just about anything can be donated these days, so don’t be shy when getting rid of your old stuff. You may not think someone else can use it, but you may be surprised. Items can be used or repurposed in many ways. Let the charity decide what they can and cannot use.

Ask Questions

Talking to yourself may sound weird, but it’s actually helpful. Ask yourself these questions to decide whether you should keep it or donate it.

  • Do I love this?
  • Do I use this regularly?
  • Am I holding on to this for a special occasion?
  • Do I have space for this?
  • Will I need this soon?

If the answer is no, it’s a good indication that you can donate it, and probably won’t miss it too much. Let it go to a new home that will surely appreciate it!

Learn more about College Hunks donation pick-up services.