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Recent Posts in January, 2016

  • Minimize Clutter Ahead of Time

    Most people don’t realize how much clutter they collect, or what is causing this clutter. Try minimizing clutter before it reaches your home. Decline Unnecessary Freebies Getting things for free is ... Read More
  • How To: Organize a Closet

    Closets are a great hiding space for unnecessary items. People throw items into the closet, and close the doors when guests are over. This is a terrible habit. It’s time to organize your closet, and ... Read More
  • Donate Duplicates to Decrease Clutter

    When you open your cabinets, do you get showered with plastic containers? Or you aren’t able to close your drawers because your socks are bursting out of them? Or you can’t open your laundry door ... Read More
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