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Happy Leap Day

Leap day was designed to create balance. It adds an extra day to the year every four years. This day can be used for tasks that you don’t have time for during a common year, or something that you’ve fallen behind on. Some of these tasks can be decluttering and reorganizing. Decluttering and reorganizing can be a pain, but with an extra day in the year and a few helpful tips, it can be quite easy!

Tip #1: Don’t do all of your decluttering and organizing in one day. Most people don’t want to do four years’ worth in one day.

Tip #2: Use leap day to tackle your least favorite chore. If you do it on leap day, you didn’t lose any time doing it!

Tip #3: When decluttering on leap year, donate or recycle any item that you haven’t used (or seen) since last leap year. If you haven’t used it in four years, chances are you won’t miss it.

Tip #4: Have a plan for discarding all of the items that you no longer want. Call College Hunks Hauling Junk to come pick up your excess and unwanted belongings. We’ll quickly donate and recycle them so you’ll have extra time left in the day to do some fun activities.

Tip #5: Don’t be afraid to work slowly. Remember, slow and steady wins the race! This leap day, choose small projects to complete. Take your time while doing so in order to reduce stress.

Leap day can be used to complete any task – we choose to use it to declutter and reorganize. This will save you time from looking for items throughout the year. You’ll be gaining time throughout the year – not just on leap day!

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