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A Winter Surprise in Denver

It is winter-time in Denver! The temperature has dropped below freezing and the winter wind is blowing and biting. I was sitting in my office warm and toasty, reading emails, checking Facebook, and getting ready for my team to arrive and start the day together at College Hunks North Denver. As I sipped my hot coffee and enjoyed my office heater while looking out the freezing window, on my Facebook feed appeared a video that was shared by my cousin Lindsey Krinks from Nashville, TN. Lindsey is an advocate and tireless worker on behalf on Nashville’s homeless population, and she was sharing a success story from her organization's outreach program.

Homelessness in Denver has been a hot topic around town lately, and so very quickly my thoughts began to churn as I imagined myself out in the bitter cold, hungry, with no job and little prospects, and a winter storm looming on the horizon. I immediately decided to call some shelters to see what their biggest needs were. I assumed blankets and coats would be a hot commodity, and I knew that we had picked up a couple men's jackets on a job the previous day that were in the warehouse ready to donate. I google-searched Denver Homeless Shelters, and decided to call Denver Out Loud first.

The call was answered instantaneously on the first ring. After I explained who I was and why I was calling, an excited voice on the line told me that their biggest need was warm blankets, men’s pants, shoes, and jackets. I promised that we would collect and bring all that we picked up over the coming days, but that I would go ahead and send some team members ASAP with what we already had. What happened next was truly unexpected and somewhat shocking.

The H.U.N.K.S. arrived for the day and set-out for two jobs that we had booked in the morning time-slots. When they returned just a couple hours later, to my great surprise and happiness, both jobs had donated several boxes full of men’s pants, shoes, blankets, and jackets. I was astonished. Men’s donations come in far less often than women’s, and none of the tickets had indicated any men’s donations at all. It was almost as though the universe had heard the words spoken only a few hours before, and decided to deliver in a big way.

When we dropped off the donations later that day the center leader had tears in his eyes. The need was so great, their resources so few, and the bounty so unexpected and appreciated…. He hugged us, thanked us profusely, and wiped the tears from his eyes as we left, promising to return as many times as we can between now and spring. Please remember to donate directly to shelters during the winter, peoples’ lives’ do depend on it.

Denver Out Loud
(720) 940-5291
2260 California St
Denver, Colorado

This blog post is courtesy of Dustin Risley. Dustin is the Operations Manager at College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving North Denver