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14 Unique Tips for Organizing Your Home

The kids are back in school, but now you’re left in the aftermath of an eventful summer. There are soccer cleats in the laundry room, souvenirs in the kitchen, fishing gear in the breezeway, and sand everywhere else – it’s time to declutter and organize. Here are some fresh new tips on tackling your home.

Kitchen & Dining Area

Muffin cooking tray used to organize string, staples, rubber bands, and other itemsDo you tend to toss your items on the dining room table or kitchen counter? Stop this by placing an item, like a vase, a table runner or placemats, on the table. It will not only dress up the table, but it will make it harder to throw items on.

Use a tension rod to hang up cleaning bottles under your sink. They will be out of sight, but easy to grab when a mess needs cleaning.

Just because it’s a junk drawer, doesn’t mean it has to be chaotic. Place small bins or a silverware tray in the drawer and label each compartment based on the items it will hold. This will make it easier to grab an item instead of wasting time digging through the drawer. Do you have a lot of small items in your junk drawer like tacks, clothes pins, rubber bands, and clips? Consider using a muffin tin to organize these tiny necessities.

Do you have a plastic bag filled with other plastic bags sitting somewhere in your house? Try stuffing these in an empty tissue box and store on a shelf in the pantry or kitchen closet. It will be easy to grab one at a time, and the decorative boxes are easy on the eyes.

Place a magnetic strip on the wall to hang up metal items like knives. This will keep them off the counter, and won’t take up all of the room in the drawers.


Use circular shower curtain hooks to store scarvesPlace spice racks (or other shelves) on the side(s) of your dresser for items like books, video games, and binders.

Take a soda tab and place it on the hook of a hanger, then place the hook of another hanger through the lower opening on the soda tab. You’ll be able to fit twice as many items in the closet when you double up the hangers.

Take shower rings and place them on a hanger. Then take your accessories, like belts and scarves, and hang them through the rings. This will increase drawer space, and the single hanger takes up minimal space in the closet.


Shower curtain with pocketsA magazine file can contain more than just magazines. Consider placing large items like hair brushes, sprays, and styling products in one to keep them off the counter or out of drawers.

Hang pieces of PVC pipe inside of a door cabinet to hang styling tools like curling irons and straighteners.

Most people have their favorite body wash, shampoo, and conditioner which can lead to chaos in the shower if it’s shared by multiple people. Try out a shower curtain with pockets. It reduces clutter on the shelves (and floor) of your shower, and organizes all of the soaps for easy viewing.


Nails, screws, etc. stored inside mason jars on shelvesAttach the lids of mason jars to the bottom of a shelf. You can screw and unscrew the jars and use them to store nails, screws, and washers.

Hang trash bags on a paper towel holder for easy accessibility. It also keeps them from cluttering the shelves.

Grab those PVC pipes again to store large tools. Drill them vertically into the wall and place shovels and rakes in them. They’ll stand upright and will be out of the way.

Now that most or all of your items have a home, it will be easier to keep the clutter at bay. If you need additional help while decluttering and organizing your home, click here.