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Tips for Keeping Your Garden and Lawn Looking Its Best

April is National Lawn and Garden Month! Whether you’re a novice or a pro, we’ve got some tips for making (and keeping) your lawn and garden looking its best.

Tip#1: Remove any unwanted plants, weeds, or objects. This makes the lawn and garden look nice and keeps it healthy. Unwanted plants and weeds may be taking up room and nutrients that the other plants need, so it’s best to get those out.

Tip #2: Use multifunctional plants. These not only look good, but they have a great use too! Try adding herbs or small crops to your garden. They’ll add a pop of color and work as cooking aids.

Tip #3: Avoid clutter. Overcrowding plants will make it difficult to access them. They can also crowd out other plants and kill them. Try spacing your plants out with plenty of room for them to grow.

Tip #4: Use vertical spaces. Hang plants on walls, railings or from the ceiling. This adds another dimension to your garden and lawn, and it also clears up room on the ground for walking/entertaining.

Tip #5: Water plants and lawn in the morning. They’ll get the most water this way because it’s cooler and the water won’t evaporate as quickly. Also, using mulch or compost with the soil will retain water and reduce evaporation.

Tip #6: Keep a rain barrel to harvest water. This is a great idea because it collects chlorine-free water which is better for your plants, and you’re helping Move The World by recycling.

Remember, when you’re in the process of making your lawn and garden look beautiful, we’ll haul out any debris leftover. Click here to find out more.