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How To Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is all about channeling human energy toward environmental issues. It’s a day to help preserve the Earth and its resources. It’s a day to give back.

Want to celebrate Earth Day but not sure how? Here are a few ideas!

Plant a Tree (Or Two)

Today is all about giving back to the Earth. There’s no better way to do so than by giving it some new lungs! It will also help prevent soil erosion. No room for a tree? That’s okay, you can plant a bush, shrub, flower, or any type of plant – they all produce oxygen!

Ditch the car

Let’s try to use manual power! Take a walk or ride a bike to your destination. If you are unable to do so, try carpooling or taking public transportation to cut down on fossil fuels. Fact: Most of the ozone pollution is caused by cars and trucks.


At College Hunks, we love to recycle! We recycle up to 70% of our junk every single day. It’s a great way to produce new items without exhausting resources, and it won’t end up in a landfill! Fact: Recycling one ton of plastic bottles saves the same amount of energy that it takes to power a two person household for a whole year!

Clean Up a Park (Or Anywhere, Really)

If you pass a piece of trash on the ground, pick it up and toss it into the recycling bin. If there’s a local park near you, consider spending 15 minutes picking up whatever junk is on the ground. It will not only look better, but you’ll be recycling items and celebrating Earth Day at the same time!

Create a Compost Bin

Instead of having to travel to the store whenever you need fertilizer for yard work, you can simply travel to your backyard! You can buy one or build your own. You can throw in grass clippings, egg shells, paper napkins, coffee grounds, seeds, old fruit/vegetables, and so much more to create rich fertilizer. (You can use this on the trees you planted earlier.)

Let us know how you’re celebrating Earth Day. If you want to learn more about picking up and recycling, click here.