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Franchise Owners in Houston Help With Storm Cleanup

Over the past few days Houston, TX has been crippled by one of the worst floods the city has ever seen. The rain seemed to never end as rain totals surpassed 17 inches in only 24 hours. It has been estimated that nearly 240 billion gallons of rain fell in the Houston area. The flooding has caused over $5 billion dollars in damage and has left thousands of people’s homes destroyed.

Local College Hunks Hauling Junk franchise owners are feeling the effects of the storm as well. Ashley and Ryan Shahan, owners of Southwest Houston, have checked in with all of their H.U.N.K.S. to make sure they are safe and with their families. “Schools have been canceled for two days so two hunks were unable to work, as they were needed for childcare, and one other is unable to make it to work because the streets are not passable out of his home. Another is away for military training and fortunately, his significant other reported back they are okay.” Ashley along with her husband Ryan have been jumping onto the trucks to get out into the community and lend a hand wherever they can. They have reached out to local ministries and cities nearby to let them know how they can be of service.

David and Barbara Betzko, owners of Central Houston, have also been very active in the community. After speaking with David about the flooding he told us about a family they recently helped out, “Barb and I and a couple of Hunks, Ryan Smith and Christian Gibbons, extended our services at no charge to a local family. This family had their home devastated by a major flood last Memorial Day and they were just moving back into their home after it was recently restored.” David has praised the people of Houston for rallying together and helping out their neighbors during this unfortunate time.

While nothing can take away from the devastation and hardships that the people of Houston are currently facing; it is a great sight to see there are still genuine people who care more about helping others than making money. Everyone at our corporate office would like to say thank you to all the owners of the Houston locations, and to all the H.U.N.K.S. that work tirelessly to help others in a time of need.