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Tips for Getting Organized and Packing Properly During a Move

Whether you are planning to move to another city, a state over or even across the country, knowing how to safely pack and store items during a move is essential to keep your mind at ease while arriving at your new home without hassle.

Use a Storage Unit

Using a self-storage service such as Extra Space Storage is one way to ensure your furniture and personal belongings are kept clean, safe, and protected at all times throughout the process of your move. When you are moving to a new home or location where you have less square footage and space altogether but want to save your belongings, a self-storage unit is the most ideal solution, regardless of the amount of goods you have readily available to store.

Storage units are carefully monitored and secured while also giving you access to your belongings and furniture at all times, regardless of whether you require access to your unit during normal business hours. Taking the time to rent a storage unit can ultimately benefit your family if you are looking to downsize or if you simply want to rid clutter from your new home altogether. Search on Google for “storage units near me” to find storage facilities closest to your location.

Organize Rooms Individually

Before you begin moving, be sure to organize rooms individually and separately to help with avoiding feeling overwhelmed or too stressed. Organizing rooms individually is also a way to determine which items you no longer want or need that are ideal for ridding altogether or even donating to a local charity.

Separate Heavy Boxes from Boxes with Fragile Items

When you begin packing items into boxes, be sure to do so by weight and by determining how fragile your decor and other personal belongings are before setting them into the boxes themselves. Keep heavier items at the bottom of boxes and be sure to wrap fragile items in plastic wrap, bubble wrap, and even newspaper to keep from causing damage while transporting the boxes to your new home.

Use Labels and Inventory Lists

Create your own labels and inventory lists to keep track of each box and where it belongs in your new home, helping to save time upon arrival. Creating inventory lists for each box is also a way to keep an eye on fragile items when placing them into moving trucks or even into your own self-storage unit.

Stack and Store Furniture Properly

Stacking and storing furniture properly is necessary when using a moving truck or a storage unit. Always be sure to stack the most durable items and furniture prior to delicate objects and fragile belongings. Start with heavy boxes on bottom and work your way up with lighter boxes. This will provide a steady foundation and also protect the structure and items found in lighter boxes.

Safely storing and packing items properly during a move is a way to keep your belongings safe with minimal damage while transporting your furniture and personal items to your new home or place of living.

Garret Stembridge is the content and social marketing manager for Extra Space Storage. When he’s not climbing the mountains and fishing the streams of Utah, he’s helping people find storage units online. To find a clean, convenient and secure storage unit near you, visit For organization, moving and storage tips, check out their blog at

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