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Have a Smooth Move with No-Stress Storage Space

Moving is stressful and expensive. All of the items you purchased to fit one apartment feel like they never fit quite right in the new one. And, the day of a move can be extremely hectic, between finding enough boxes and roping in enough friends to help you get your clothes, furniture and other belongings from one house to another. But, a lot of the stresses of moving day can be eliminated by temporarily renting a self-storage unit.

Making sure you “find a storage unit near me” can make your move easier and more convenient:

It Allows You to Spread Out the Move

If your last lease ends November 30th and the new one starts December 1st, that usually just leaves a few days grace on either side to get all of your things moved from place to place. Renting a storage space a month before your move and keeping it for a month after means that you can make decisions and move your stuff at your own pace. No stepping over boxes for weeks in your living room; as you pack each box full, you can move it to the storage space. And, by gradually grabbing a box or two a day, you can ensure that you don’t wear out a friend’s good graces with a marathon packing and moving day.

You Choose What Stays and Goes

By the time you are halfway through packing, do you find that you are just tossing items in boxes and deciding that you’ll sort them in the new place? Renting a storage space allows you to slow the process down and get more organized. Choose what items are important, put a few in the “maybe” pile and, at your leisure, pick the ones that can go.

Your New Place Is More Refreshing and Organized

As bad as packing is, unpacking can be worse. Those boxes with items thrown in willy nilly? Now you need to find a place for all the new stuff to go so you can stop tripping over boxes at every turn. Using a storage space allows you to address a box or two at a time so that you can ensure that there is a spot for everything. And, you may find that you enjoy having fewer of your possessions there all the time. Keeping the storage space can give you the ability to cycle items in and out throughout the year.

There is no way to entirely erase the stress of a move. But, by slowing things down and spreading your space out with a self-storage unit, you can eliminate the rush and make your move cleaner and more organized.