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College Hunks Phoenix Interviewed in Wrangler News Article

College Hunks Hauling Junk of Phoenix Owner Michael Neumayr was recently interviewed by Wrangler News.

In the article, titled, "Hunks for Rent, Entrepreneurial Know-How," Neumayr talks about his decision to become a College Hunks Franchise Partner and why he loves what he does every day.

The article also discusses why the junk-removal and moving industries offer great opportunities for new franchisees to succeed.

Read the full article below, or click here to see the original article page (pg. 14).

By: Chelsea Martin

Youth provides a fresh perspective for business owners learning ways to implement practical strategies while simultaneously providing an opportunity for personal growth and experience.

The world is constantly changing, and the best way to keep pace is to adapt quickly and efficiently to this dynamic society. For some, this is when youth can offer the business world their generation’s raw mindset, optimism and enthusiasm.

Mike Neumayr, a south Tempe resident and 2013 graduate of Whittier College in L.A. , decided he was capable and motivated enough to own and operate his own franchise.

That’s when he discovered College Hunks Hauling Junk and College Hunks Moving in Arizona.

Not only has his business taken off since the August opening, Neumayr has continued to remain loyal to the idea of allowing young individuals the opportunity to work together to run a company.

“The company is pretty much operated by 24-year-olds and under. We have about 20 crew members, and 80 percent of our frontline employees are currently attending college,” Neumayr said. “Being able to give these students the resources to make their own decisions and dedicate themselves to growing the business is more than I could have asked for.”

Neumayr’s father is a franchise owner himself so he was able to easily provide a sense of guidance for his son when Mike decided in his senior year of college that his next phase of life would include the same steps his father once took, years earlier.

The idea consumed him the moment his father spoke of his own rendezvous with the founder and president of the Hauling Junk company at a franchise convention. Neumayr was infatuated with the idea and quickly began researching the company and how to expand and obtain his goal post-graduation.

“At first I thought College Hunks Hauling Junk was kind of cheesy and a weird business concept,” Neumayr said. “But then I had the opportunity to speak with other franchise owners and it began to sound like a great opportunity to take over a fragmented market. It definitely caught my eye.”

The Arizona franchise has been operating for a year now and the future looks bright, Neumayr says. There are currently three territories that Mike’s company cover: Chandler/Ahwatukee, Tempe and Scottsdale.

The longterm vision is to continue growing and eventually serve the entirety of Arizona. Neumayr says he’s motivated and full of confidence that his franchise will take a leap forward and expand within the next three years.

“If you think about it, the junk removal and moving industry does not have one big dog or main player,” Neumayr said. “It is comprised of a bunch of smaller companies, so there is plenty of opportunity for someone to take over and become that household brand name. This is especially true in the junk removal industry because it’s definitely not the most glamorous.”

Neumayr is determined to stand out in all aspects of his company, from the bright orange trucks, shirts, and hats, to the exceptional customer service and playful name.

Although there are no set “hunk” requirements, Neumayr and his team seek out the clean cut, respectable and knowledgeable type, with a huge emphasis on customer service.

“I always joke that we don’t have a screening panel for the ‘hunks’ yet, but we can eventually include that,” Neumayr said.

The feedback tends to remain positive for all the employees, and Neumayr is anxious for the next couple years to unfold to watch their growth. “I always tell the guys heading out in the truck to treat this as if it is their own business,” Neumayr said.

“They are in charge of the revenue coming in, the expenses going out, and control of all the equipment. It’s empowering on their end.”

College Hunks is full of inspiration and determination, and nothing will stand in its way, Neumayr says.

The smooth day-to-day interactions between employees and clients are a top priority for the team, along with hard work, efficiency and positive attitudes, he says.

Notes Neumayr: The key to maintaining success is continually displayed on the youthful, smiling faces and the sense of camaraderie throughout the entire organization.

“Relationships are extremely important to me, and I value each and every one of them,” Neumayr said.

“I really do love this job.”

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