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Pack for Success with One Simple Tip

The best way to make unpacking go smoothly is to pack efficiently in the first place, and there’s one simple trick to making sure you’ve done so.

While it might seem logical to pack everything room-by-room and label each box by which room the items came from, this can actually slow down the unpacking process.

Instead, items should be packed and labeled based on which room they are going to be in at your new place, not by which room they were in at your old place.

When people move, it’s rare that their new location has the exact same size and layout as their previous one. For example:

  • If the new home has more bedrooms, furniture may need to be redistributed to fill the new rooms. With a smaller home, you may even need to get rid of some furniture if there isn’t enough space.
  • If your current home has linen closets in the hallways, but your new home only has bedroom closets, then you’ll need to reorganize your bedding.
  • If your new home will have an office, library, or recreational room, the furniture and supplies to fill the room may be coming from different areas of your current home.

By labeling the boxes according to their destination instead of their source, you’ll save yourself from having to pile boxes in hallways or rooms in which they don’t belong during the moving process.

It also makes it much easier to unpack each room without wondering where key items might be packed.

To go a step further…

It can help to label items by priority, too. By labeling one box “Bedroom Closest A” and another “Bedroom Closet B,” for example, you can prioritize and easily delineate what needs unpacking right after your move and what can wait.

This also makes it more obvious to see when a new room may be too small to hold everything you thought it could.

The main lesson here is to resist the temptation to pack everything up and “deal with it later.” Instead, keep a couple donation boxes on each floor to toss unwanted items into on moving day so you can drop them off at Goodwill.

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