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College Hunks Northern VA Goodwill Field Trip

Over the past 2 years the Goodwill in Herndon VA has been our primary location to bring our donations. The staff there is always helpful and excited to see us.

The manager refers to us as “The Furniture Guys” because of the amount of large furniture we bring them. The donation process at this location is super quick and easy compared to other locations because they can have multiple vehicles (or trucks) pulled in to be unloaded at the same time.

This past weekend when we went to drop off some donations, we realized we were way ahead of schedule. It was too early in the morning to do a truck wave and we already exhausted our door hangers earlier in the day.

I turned to our crew and asked, “Have you guys ever even been inside this Goodwill?” The HUNKS unanimously responded with “Nope!” So we decided to park the trucks and take a field trip inside the store for the first time.

Upon entering the store, we immediately noticed some glass top end tables we had donated just the day before! We took some time to walk around and point out all the items we remembered hauling over the past few weeks. We spotted all sorts of things we had brought from dishes to couches.

One of the main things we remembered hauling was a solid wood kitchen table with chairs from just a few days earlier. Our HUNKS, Nick and Abel, took a minute to sit and reminisce about the job where they picked it up from, and they felt good knowing that it will soon have a new home!

If you would like the HUNKS to pick up your furniture and donate it, give us a call at 1-800-586-5872 or schedule your stress-free service online by clicking right here!