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Save Your Back! 4 Tips for a Painless Office Move

Let’s be honest- moving is tough. Your back hurts, and there’s always a box of extra wires, random household devices, and old business cards you’re not sure what to do with. It seems like moving to a new office should be easier than moving to a new home– after all, you don’t need to haul a box spring- but it’s still challenging.

Thankfully, you’re moving for a reason. You wanted a different sort of space, maybe with a larger conference room or a more inviting kitchen. Moving is a great opportunity to start fresh.

It’s natural to spring clean your work environment when you change locations. Don’t miss the opportunity!

Here are four ways to improve the experience of moving to a new office:

Hire Movers

Sure, carrying your desk down three flights of stairs into a rented truck might seem like it’ll save you money, but the time you’ll lose isn’t worth the stress. Anyone who has hired professional movers will tell you they’re worth every cent. Not only will they come equipped with furniture blankets and strong arms, but they’ll save your beautiful desk from getting bumped and scratched. Give your back and biceps a break- hire professional movers to help.

Throw It All Away

No, you don’t need that stack of business cards you collected at a conference three years ago. You’re better off saving your most important contacts into your smartphone or email. Think you’ll need those take out menus? I doubt it- you can find those food lists online. It’s tempting to save everything in your office, but you’re better off throwing away extra papers, and donating your desk lamp. You want your new office to be clean and organized, so don’t bring extras that you won’t use. When in doubt, throw it out.

Go Wireless

Moving is a great opportunity to take a good hard look at your technology solutions and make upgrades, especially since so many of today’s solutions are wireless. Using a computer mouse from 2001? It might be time to go cordless. Using an archaic phone system? It’s probably time to upgrade to virtual PBX or VoIP. Many options can connect to local and toll free lines. Going wireless will allow you to get rid of wires and have an uncluttered new office.

Set Up Your New Office With Care

You want a clean office that makes you feel happy when you’re working, right? Don’t fall back into the mistakes you made in your old office. Make sure everything you bring into your new space has a home. Go to an office supply store and buy the right solutions so that you can keep your papers and projects organized.

Moving can be frustrating, but reduce the headaches by hiring movers, throwing stuff away, upgrading to wireless solutions, and setting up your new office carefully. Make sure your moving process is as fabulous as your new office space!

And if you’d like a professional helping hand with your office move, give the HUNKS a call today at 1-800-586-5872 or schedule your stress-free service online by clicking right here!

Grasshopper provides local numbers for small businesses, as well as call forwarding and other virtual phone services. Emma has carried couches up and down stairs in Boston, London, and South Korea, but prefers to watch the hunky movers do it.