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On the Road With: College Hunks of Philadelphia

College Hunks of Chester County, PA Owner Michael Ort let us in on a day in the life of the Philly HUNKS.

According to one of Ort's team members, Travis Weaver, "We had some great jobs in the West Chester and Philadelphia areas [last Friday]. It was a really fun day for us. To start, we got to help some lawyers set up a new office for their new employee, Emily. It was great to know that we were helping to set up a workspace that someone would get to enjoy while working on big cases!"

Weaver added, "We hope she enjoys her new desks and open space as much as we enjoyed setting it up!"

After the office trip, the HUNKS set out to help a client from an entirely different walk – or should we say, "run" – of life.

Says Weaver, "We also had the pleasure to meet a Philadelphia marathon runner, helping her to clean and move out of her mother's apartment. We removed some trash and helped to donate some very nice tables, couches, and shelves that I know someone else will definitely enjoy for years to come. At the end of the day, her apartment looked great and she was thrilled with the stress-free service."

All in a day's work when you're on the road with the Philadelphia College Hunks!

If you'd like to have a visit from your local College Hunks, give us a call today at 1-800-586-5872 or schedule your stress-free service online by clicking right here!