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Moving Your Office: The Details You Forgot

Moving is no picnic, and moving your office is even less so. It’s a time of busyness and rushing around, last minute checklists and efforts to avoid forgetting anything. In an office setting, that can become chaotic quickly. Having the finer and less thought-of details listed helps avoid some of the stress, so here are a few key points to remember:

  • When moving, you always need to have your timing set up just right. Coordinating your move in with your move out, as well as your utilities, phone and internet hook-ups with the day you move in, are all vital steps to minimize downtime due to the move without unnecessary extra costs. All service providers need to be contacted well in advance for your business move.
  • Set up a moving committee, or for a smaller company, designate one person responsible for keeping track of details regarding the move, and performing moving tasks such as establishing and implementing a communications plan to let suppliers and customers know about the office move. All employees should be informed and involved, but having a specific person or group of people focusing on the details takes off some of the strain.
  • If you have electronics that need to be professionally installed, book the appointment well ahead of time to make sure you get it done when you need it. Similarly, call in advance if you’ll need a professional to pack up the equipment.
  • Decide on the set up of your new office ahead of time and carefully label all furniture so it can be easily brought to the correct destinations.
  • Establish a packing schedule so you know what can be packed in advance and what needs to be packed on the last day. Hire a professional packing service if necessary to make sure things are done right. Carefully label everything with both what it is and where it should go. Your business move will go smoother if every item states where to put it right on the label.
  • It’s best if you confirm in advance where the moving truck can and can’t park, both for loading and unloading. The last thing you need are unexpected charges. Call the local movers well in advance, and book the appointment at least six weeks or more ahead.
These are just a few of the office moving “best practices” that will help ensure a stress-free move. The key is to be in contact early and often with your local mover, so if you’re ready to get started, give us a call today at 1-800-586-5872 or schedule your stress-free move online by clicking right here!