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3 Renovations That Are Cheaper in the Summer

Home renovations are never cheap, but if you’re on a budget, every penny counts.

Some renovations are significantly cheaper in the summer because weather is more favorable and many contractors are looking to book more work while their regular clients are away for vacation and family trips.

Here are the ones you should try to schedule this summer if you are looking to save time and money without sacrificing the quality of the work itself:

1. Kitchen Renovations

Completely re-doing your kitchen can often take several days to upwards of a couple weeks. During that time, you still need to eat. In the summer time, you can easily use your grill to continue cooking homemade meals instead of ordering in expensive delivery. Don’t forget to pick up some paper plates and utensils if you won’t have access to your sink.

2. Driveway Pavement

Asphalt is easiest to work with during high temperatures, so most contractors prefer to do it during this time. They have to charge additional fees during other times of the year to help compensate for the extra work required during colder weather.

3. Upper Floor Additions

Adding on completely new rooms to your home will expose all current rooms to the weather. Summertime in most areas means that you’re less likely to get rain and snow, making your renovation go faster and costing you less overall.

Bonus Tip:

Any inner-room renovations like bathrooms should be saved until winter. Contractors are more likely to be flexible with their prices during off seasons in order to secure jobs.

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