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Top 4 Tips for Zombie Apocalypse Home Organization!

At College Hunks, we like to consider every possible aspect ofhome organization.

How do you stay organized during the holidays? Check.

How do you stay organized while you’re shopping? Check.

Well, maybe we’ve watched one too many episodes of AMC’s brilliant TV program The Walking Dead, but we were wondering, “How would you stay organized if there was an outbreak of the roaming undead?”

And now you can put a big ol’ check all over that category, too!

Here are yourtop 4 tips for staying organized during the zombie apocalypse:

1. Lock the Door

Because NOT getting bit by a zombie is the first step to stress-free home organization!

2. Take Stock

Once you’ve neatly organized your biological possessions into two groups (people vs. not-quite-people), you’ll want to take stock of your food situation. Keep all edibles in the cabinets and cupboards, not only because it looks neater, but also because if you do happen to have undead guests over for a dinner party, you’ll want plenty of space to entertain (or slay) without rolling an ankle on a carelessly strewn can of refried beans.

Bonus Tip: Once in the cupboard, organize the food by expiration date from earliest up front to latest in the back. This should help keep your food from spoiling before you get around to using it to feed your ragged, malnourished body.

3. Figure Out What’s Important

Now that the food is in order, you can easily separate the remainder of your belongings into two piles.

In the first pile, you should have various weapons such as clubs, baseball bats, sharp objects, etc. This is called the “Important” pile.

In the other pile, you can place every single other thing in your home. This is called the “Not-at-all-important-at-this-juncture-of-your-life” pile.

4. Remove the Junk

Depending on how long it has been since the zombies took over, your utilities may no longer work. If that’s the case, you can always brighten up your home a bit by burning all non-essential belongings in a bonfire on your dining room floor.

Not only is it a great opportunity to huddle around the fire for warmth while you bond emotionally with your fellow survivors, but it’s also a great way to help cut down on landfills – proof that beingeco-friendly is ALWAYS the way to be!

And remember, if you find yourself without the matches needed to burn that pile of non-essential junk, you can always call College Hunks Hauling Junk!

Unlike our competitors, we’ll be open in select markets throughout the duration of the zombie apocalypse. Just call 1-800-586-5872 or schedule your stress-free zombie apocalypse service online by clicking right here!