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How to Make Someone Else's Day Awesome!

At College Hunks, we are firm believers in the “WOW” effect.

If you don’t know, the “WOW” effect is what we call it when you go out of your way, above and beyond to make someone else’s day particularly awesome.

You can “WOW” by doing something as seemingly trivial as complimenting a co-worker or as intensive as helping a friend move.

The latter – helping a friend move – just so happens to be #10 on this list of 27 Ways to Make Someone’s Day Awesome.

And we agree. Helping a friend move for nothing more than pizza and drinks is a great deed. If it seems like too big of a job, though, you can always pick one of the other 26 suggestions from the list to brighten your friend’s day and leave the moving to us.

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