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Send a HUNK into Outer Space, Seriously!

Cue the theme music from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

baaaa… baaa… BAAA… BUH BUHHHH!

Attention Fellow Earthlings:

We at College Hunks are trying to send one of our very own HUNKS, Ignacio Torano, into outer space!

The Axe deodorant company is going to send one lucky contest winner into outer space, courtesy of the SpaceX civilian space travel company, and we believe Ignacio is just the HUNK for the job.

Note: This is different than our previous extraterrestrial adventures.

Why Would You Do That?

Really? You’re going to ask why? How about because space travel is awesome?!?!

But Why Ignacio?

Ignacio is one of the top HUNKS when it comes to going above and beyond to help people. Be it clients or random strangers on the street, if someone needs a random act of kindness — a “WOW” moment, as we call it — Ignacio never fails to step up and help out.

We once received a report that a HUNK was seen running through a crowded supermarket parking lot, chasing down an escaped balloon for a stranger’s child.

We automatically assumed it was Ignacio.

And we were right.

So, we figured, if the contest winner does happen to come across alien life while zipping through the cosmos, who better to represent all of humanity than our very own Director of Smiles, Ignacio Torano?

And, if you want a little extra SPACE for yourself, click right here to schedule your stress-free College Hunks de-cluttering service online or call us at 1-800-586-5872!