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College Hunks West Palm Sponsors Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure

On January 26th, College Hunks Hauling Junk and College Hunks Moving of West Palm Beach, FL steeped up to support for the Susan Komen Race for the Cure, a race of fifteen thousand participants raising money for breast cancer research.

The entire rear of the group was held by College Hunks movers and haulers, who held the proud honor of logistic sponsors for the race. College Hunks of West Palm Beach has committed to support for this worthy cause throughout 2013.

Cancer Is Very Expensive

The fight against breast cancer has made great strides since its inception. Incidents of the disease are higher now but that is because detection is so much more precise and much earlier than decades ago.

Much more research is needed to find the cause for all breast cancers. Money for other resources, such as treatment and medication is also always in short supply.

Having sponsors who participate in the Susan G. Komen 5K race does much toward supporting the fight against breast cancer financially.

Increased Funding

College Hunks of West Palm Beach has sponsored the 5K race for the purpose of alleviating the need for funds to continue research and all the costs that are tied to it.

Being supporters of this cause brings the disease back into the spotlight. It is so easy to see and hear about the tragic illness that strikes so many women every year, at all different ages. It does not discriminate between single women or mothers, grandmothers or aunts, and sisters, or women of different racial backgrounds.

Stay Visible

Unless the Susan G. Komen Foundation is always, or at least frequently, on the forefront of the daily news, people will be distracted by their daily lives and temporarily forget about the cause. When a group like College Hunks sponsors the Race for the Cure, peoples’ attention is drawn back to the importance of this fight.

An Inspiration To Others

Being a sponsor for the Race for the Cure raises significant amounts of funding from other companies as well as individuals. Those having lost a member of their family or a good friend to this disease usually do all they can to show their support.

Breast cancer survivors are grateful for everyone who gives of their time and effort or shares some of their finances with the organization that has done so much to bring about early detection and hopefully, a cure.

Bringing up the end of the racers for the cure, College Hunks of West Palm Beach, FL has shown their commitment for the next twelve months and no doubt also inspired others to do the same.