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College Hunks of North Dallas vs. Screaming Pig

A couple of weeks ago, the HUNKS of North Dallas decided at the team meeting they wanted to go to Top Golf Allen to do the “Screaming Pig Challenge” for their team-building activity.

The Screaming Pig Challenge consists of eating a pulled pork sandwich infused with many peppers including Habanero’s and Ghost Peppers. After you eat the entire sandwich, you then have to take a shot of hot sauce. To make it worse,you have to complete this within ten minutes and then sit there for another 5 minutes before you can take a drink. These sandwiches were so spicy that you had to wear latex gloves while touching them, and of course sign liability waivers before eating.

Six Hunks lined up along the bar stools to complete this challenge. The wait staff and manager came over, explained the rules, and then got the timers ready while our Hunks were served the food. Within about 20 seconds all of our Hunks faces turned red, and they were sweating profusely. I thought they were never going to make it, but they kept going. It wasn’t pretty, but 5 out of 6 of our HUNKS completed the Challenge!! Everyone, wait staff included, was shocked. Admittedly, one Hunk did run off to be sick, though.

Chris Hall, our Ops Manager was the first one to complete the challenge. He devoured the sandwich so quickly, he made it look easy (except for the fact that he was sweating from both eyes). Ignacio took an extra shot of hot sauce for no reason after he completed his challenge. I’m sure this sounded like a great idea at the time, but I think he felt much differently later that night.

There was a lot of energy in the restaurant, and everyone was watching and cheering on our HUNKS! The HUNKS that completed the challenge were: Rich, Nick, Owner Daniel, Ops Manager Chris Hall, and Sales Director Ignacio Torano.

Apparently, our HUNKS were miserable and up all that night feeling very sick, but they at least got a FREE T-shirt and their pictures put on the TopGolf Facebook page. Of course, they also get a story to pass along to their grandchildren, and bragging rights amongst the HUNKS that didn’t take on the challenge.

I also must mention, every one of them made it into work the next day. If that is not dependability, I don’t know what is!