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How to Avoid Moving Company Fraud

During the stress and rush of preparing to move, it can be tempting to choose the first moving company you come across. But, be careful. Not all moving companies are created equal.

While it’s not standard, there are some companies that make their money by taking advantage of clients, giving the rest of the moving companies a bad rap.

There are the occasional horror stories about moving companies holding their clients’ belongings hostage for months at a time until it is convenient for the company to actually perform the move.

Other stories abound, involving moving companies that may be happy to deliver your items on time, but at the expense of hidden fees or increased price rates after the items have already been loaded onto the truck.

According to this article from the Today Show, there are some key steps you can take before deciding who will handle your possessions; steps to protect yourself from moving company fraud.

  1. Request an on-site estimate be given at your home instead of over the phone.
  2. Ask if the company is doing the move themselves or hiring subcontractors to do it.
  3. Research previous complaint records and reviews of the company.

To read more tips about how to choose a good, honest moving company, check out this article from the Today Show here.

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