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Don't Forget Your "Open First" Box

Whether you are making a quick move across town or moving cross-country, there is one box you should never forget to pack.

It’s called the “Open First” box.

This is the box that you will want to unpack immediately after moving into your new home.

It should include any necessities that you may need for the first 48 hours in your new home before you have a chance to unpack everything else.

Some of the items you might want in your “Open First” box include:

  • Coffeepot for that first morning in your new home
  • Chargers for your cell phone, laptop, etc
  • Basic cleaning supplies such as rags for wiping down countertops and a small broom
  • A sheetset and pillow
  • A towel, washcloth, and soap for showering after a long day of moving
  • Utensils, cups, and paper plates for your first few meals
  • Toilet paper
  • Kids’ favorite toys for their first night in a scary new home
  • Medications, contact solution, and other daily needs
  • First aid kit, just in case
  • Scissors because you won’t realize how important they are until you can’t find a pair
  • Cash for tipping delivery men, movers, etc, if you only ever carry your credit/debit cards
  • Snacks like breakfast bars or trail mix for quick energy, especially if moving with kids
  • Food and water bowls for pets

IMPORTANT: Pack this box into your vehicle last. The only thing worse than not having all of your necessities gathered is having them gathered in one place, but not being able to find the box!

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