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Top 5 Tips for Your College Move-Out

Here are the top five tips for college kids getting ready to move out. Enjoy!

1. You’re not wearing that out tonight, are you?

Did you “freshman-15” your way out of some of those clothes this year? Or maybe the clothes you thought were ballin’ right after high school don’t seem so cool anymore. Look on the bright side: donating clothes to charity never goes out of style, and it means you’ll have less to pack and carry during your move-out.

2. Raid the cupboard.

Does it kind of make you queasy to even look at that cupboard full of stockpiled mac n’ cheese ever since that long night a few weeks back when you ate a bowl at 3 a.m. and then mysteriously got sick? You might be over Kraft, but non-perishable food items are still a big hit at the local food bank.

3. Your room at home has been converted into a walk-in closet for your parents. Deal with it.

When you’re packing, forget where your belongings were in your dorm or apartment. Pack each item based on which room it’s going to be in back at home. That will make unpacking a lot less stressful. Check with your parents first to figure out where you can put all your stuff, though, because your new room is probably in the basement next to the washing machine. Those are just the facts of life, kid. It happened to all of us. You’ll be OK.

4. Knowledge is heavy, and not just in a “far out, man” kind of way, but also in pounds.

Don’t forget to sell back any books you don’t think you’re going to need in the future. It might help to keep the ones closely related to your major, but that book from your “History of Obscure Kiribatian Interpretive Dance Routines” class is probably not worth keeping. Flip it for cash at the book store instead of weighing down your packing boxes.

5. Plead with your parents.

You know what would make the whole move-out process about a million times easier? Hiring College Hunks Moving to do it all for you. Try begging your parents to hire the HUNKS by showing them your awesome grades. Or, if you don’t have awesome grades, tell them your roommate was a poor influence on you and you need all the help you can get to remove yourself from that delinquent’s presence as quickly as possible. It’s worth a shot.

If you do manage to sway your parents, have them give us a call at 1-800-586-5872 or schedule online by clicking right here!