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Conquering Your Move: Part 4 - Moving In

In this final installment of the four-part “Conquering Your Move” series, Stephen explains how to properly handle the actual move-in day in order to keep yourself stress-free. And, in case you missed it, be sure to check out Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3!

Part 4: Moving In

If you’ve gone through the appropriate steps to allow yourself to have a stress free move then unpacking shouldn’t be too difficult. But even though it’s the easier part of the move there are a few small points I wanted to make.

Assembling Furniture

Hopefully your couch and piano made it over in one piece. But most likely there are a few items that need to be reassembled. I suggest you take the time to set up your bed first. The last thing you’d want is to finish a long move and have to sleep on the floor. There’s no reason to let this happen.

If you find that you don’t remember how to put things back together and the manual isn’t available online, you can often have instructions sent to you from the manufacturer. Do a quick online search with the manufacturer and model name of your furniture and you’re bound to find instructions to assist with the assembly.

Clean That New Place

If you’re moving into a new home make sure you clean your furniture before arranging it. Start off fresh. If your new place is dirty get on your knees and do some scrubbing or call in a service for a few hundred dollars and have them do a deep clean. Again there is nothing like sleeping in some other persons dust bunnies.

Stop The Clutter Cycle… Use Your Closets

It’s easy to clutter up your home when unpacking. It can become a little intimidating when you have to move it all around.

If you can manage, fill your closets first—even if it’s only temporary.

Use the same principle I mentioned before. If you have not used it in nine months get rid of it. If you forgot you had it….get rid of it.

De-clutter and Recycle

When you’re all done you’ll have papers, boxes and other items left over. Getting rid of boxes can be as easy as a quick post on Craigslist. People buy anything on there and you can avoid throwing them out.

Remember, “Re-use what’s still good for the good of others.”

Before you even think about throwing something out search for you’re nearest junk removal company. There are many out there and they send people to your home to remove unwanted items. Some of them take great care of the items and do amazing things with them within the recycling community.

Again, like movers, not all junk companies are made alike. Like your move, keep focused, stay calm and carry on. If you have any questions I follow the bird on twitter: @stephenbienko. Let me know your thoughts or questions.

Thanks for enjoying our 4-part series! If you’d like to have a professional mover handle your move from start to finish, call the HUNKS today at 1-800-586-5872 or schedule your stress-free move online by clicking right here!