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Why Even the Best Parenting Might Not Be Enough

When it comes to preparing for your children’s future, it may not be enough to care for just your own kids anymore.

Now, more than ever, with the economy as battered and broken as it is and with such a high unemployment rate (that is astronomically higher among younger job-seekers), it’s important to realize that the problem lies with the system, not the kids themselves.

The “system”, however, affects all of the children in the younger generations, including yours. This is not a problem that will affect only “other people’s kids.” Unfortunately, your children will be among those suffering (if not already) from the lack of opportunities and resources allotted by the current educational/legislative system.

That’s why College Hunks Hauling Junk is proud to be a Featured Partner of #FixYoungAmerica, a movement created by the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) in order to affect real change on behalf of the younger American generations. Here’s how it works:

While raising awareness across multiple platforms and stirring the conversation, the YEC plans to create a book of actionable ideas for ending youth unemployment and getting young Americans back to work.

Moreover, the reach of the movement extends beyond Generation Y, as the ultimate goal is to ensure economic opportunity for future generations to come.

Subsequently, the YEC wants to get that book into the hands of every decision maker, political leader, and innovative thinker in the country. The hope is to have the concerns of young America realized by those with the power to help.

College Hunks Hauling Junk Co-Founders, President Nick Friedman and CEO Omar Soliman, are slated tocontribute to the book, having submitted an essay specifically outlining why and how we can creatively and realistically effect change to benefit future generations.

For parents, supporting this cause is a way to help ensure your own children’s future.

As Soliman puts it, “I’m a father of a young child myself, and I can say honestly, the time to act on behalf of our children’s future is now. Not 20 years from now when they’ve given up looking for a job. Not 10 years from now when they’re starting to consider career paths. The time to act is right now.”

And since the problem is systematic in nature, the system must be fixed in order for the children to eventually thrive in a rejuvenated job market. Otherwise, even the best parenting might not be enough to ensure your child’s future success.

Friedman echoes this sentiment, noting, “It’s the system, not the young people themselves that need fixed.Generation Y is by no means lazy. They’re systematically disadvantaged from the start.”

And College Hunks Hauling Junk is confident that, when the system is finally fixed, young people will prove their worth many times over.

As Friedman puts it, “Give our youth a real and accessible opportunity to shine and get your sunglasses out. You’ll need them.”