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2012 College Hunks Summer Fun Guide: Part 2

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,Part 2 of the OFFICIAL College Hunks Summer Fun Guide is finally here!

In Part 1, we talked about planning your weekend getaway and straying from the beaten path to have a true adventure.

Now, in Part Deux, we’re going the opposite route and giving you our top 5 stay-at-home-and-have-an-awesome-adventure ideas.

Here it goes:

5. Chillin’ and Grillin’. Okay, so obviously, the cookout is the clear choice here. The best part about grilling out? Nobody cares if the food is great or just edible. Everyone just wants to hang out in the sun with friends and have a good time. So, if you’re not a wiz with the grill, don’t sweat it.

Just cook everything through and provide enough condiments to cover up any burn marks on your burgers. Or, you could always tell everyone to bring one dish each. In that case, though, you’d better provide the beverages.

4. Slippin’ and Slidin’. This one works best if you have a steep hill in your yard, but even if it’s flat, it will still be fun for the young ones (and, after a few of those beverages from the cookout, the adults will probably join in, too). Just get a giant roll of construction-grade plastic, unroll it, and get out the hose.

Then, you can use any kind of soap or cleaner (but make sure it’s not hazardous or poisonous) to really grease the track.

Get a constant spray from the hose at the top of the hill and voila! Instant slip n’ slide! Just make sure that you have a soft stopper at the end of the slide. We used to use trees to stop us when I was younger… then again, we weren’t the brightest crayons in the box.

3. Badminton. Badminton is the premier summertime party sport. The competition of champions, badminton originated in 400 B.C. when Emperor Minton of the Mingh Dynasty earned the nickname “Bad” due to his unpopularity among his subjects.

The people used to light giant fires in protest of Emperor “Bad” Minton to protest his rule. Eventually, someone got the idea to roast a hotdog over one of the fires, grab a tennis racket and start hitting rocks over a clothesline in Emperor Minton’s front yard. Hence, “badminton” at a cookout. Clearly, this is a completely fabricated explanation, but if anyone asks, at least now you can act like an expert historian.

2. Camp Out. As the evening winds down, why not pop a tent up in the front yard and let the kids sleep out under the stars? They’ll have a great time telling ghost stories and, to them, sleeping in the front yard is as wild as a trip to the Northern Canadian wilderness.

For bonus fun, wait until they’re telling their ghost stories, sneak out near the tent with your Halloween costume on and scare the buh-jeeziz out of them. They might get mad about it but, as a parent, you deserve a chuckle every once in a while. Follow this plan and you’ll laugh your head off!

1. Release. If you’ve never heard of Release before, well then I’m sorry you missed out, you poor, poor soul. Some will try to say that Release is like Hide-N-Go-Seek. In reality, Release is to Hide-N-Go-Seek what a private jet is to a paper airplane. Basically, it’s Hide-N-Go-Seek played at night, throughout the entire neighborhood (but with very specific and set limits and out-of-bounds lines), and with teams.

When I think of summer nights as a young kid, I think of all the fun we had playing Release in my neighborhood. These days, it might be a good idea to let the neighbors know the kids will be playing, make sure they’re okay with it, and supervise with other parents to make sure that everything goes safely.

Of course, when I played, getting chased by angry neighbors and dodging cars without supervision was just part of the game. (However, once again, for a description of our intelligence levels at that time, please refer to the above Slip-N-Slide segment).