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It's Time to "WOW" Your Valentine With a New Type of Gift

It’s a strange time of year. The holidays seem like a distant memory (even Groundhog Day has come and gone without much pomp or circumstance), but spring is still a little ways off. Call it the lulls of February. For most of us, we’re left with remnants from the holiday bustle, crowding us in the house, but it feels like there’s no “spring” in our step to do anything about it.

Fortunately, where most people see a problem, College Hunks sees an opportunity to “WOW.”

With Valentine’s Day standing as the last holiday “hoorah” between you and your spring cleaning, why not take care of both in one fell swoop. This year, practicality is the new romance. Hear me out:

When picking a gift, consider the following question: “Does he/she really need (or even want) it?” I mean really, are you going to buy another electronic gadget to sync with the 38 other electronic gadgets your special someone already has, when they only use them to check Email and play “Angry Birds” anyway?

As far as gestures, you can always take your loved one out to dinner, but really, how many times a year can you possibly order the same fettucini alfredo from your favorite Italian food chain restaurant before it starts to feel like you’re living in a real life version of Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day?

No, the same old routine just won’t do this year (especially if the Mayans got it right). This year, you want something innovative, something that’ll make your loved one say “WOW.” This year, you need to step your game up and get the gift that someone actually wants and needs. Our suggestion: CLEAN THE HOUSE, the whole house, and nothing but the house. I’m not just talking about sweeping the living room, I mean clearing the clutter out of every single room, a truly grand gesture.

Aside from getting out ahead of your spring cleaning duties, imagine the feeling your loved one will have when they come home to a completely de-cluttered house. It’ll feel as though a weight has been lifted. He or she will be overcome with relief and happiness because it’s one less thing they have to do. Plus, who doesn’t want to live in a clean space? While it’ll be a relief to you as well, your special someone will feel truly indebted to you (especially if they got you some overpriced flowers and a box of nasty, mystery chocolates).

So, this year, make your gift stand out. Make it useful, both wanted and needed. Do that, and you will have made it memorable for both you and your loved one.

If you need a hand getting all of that junk out of your house, call your local Romeos of recycling, the College Hunks. Just click here and get started on your mission to “WOW” your valentine!