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Diary of a CEO - Part 4: A Beacon of "WOW"

My Search for How to Truly “WOW” Our Clients

8-Part Blog Series by Omar Soliman, Founder and CEO of College Hunks

Part 4: A Beacon of “WOW”

Hi everyone. Once again, I’m Omar Soliman, founder and CEO of College Hunks Hauling Junk and College Hunks Moving. If you’re just joining the conversation, I’ve been writing my thoughts about “WOW-ing” our clients (and our HUNK team, for that matter) by going above and beyond what they expect.

The thing about the junk hauling and moving industries that’s surprised me is how little is expected by customers from companies. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve gotten a lot of great responses. For example, Jennifer Z. told us about how one of our HUNK teams worked quickly and diligently to help her recover in a single morning from the aftermath of a tornado that ravaged her property. I think that’s nothing short of amazing.

On the other hand, we’ve gotten a lot of great submissions about how our teams are out there, working hard to get each job done with speed, efficiency, and professionalism. At first, I thought our standard service was getting confused with going above and beyond to “WOW” our clients.

“Maybe I just wasn’t being clear about the contest details,” I thought.

Then, it hit me like a ton of bricks… or, I guess in this case, a ton of junk.

I realized that people from all over the country are so used to underwhelming service from their movers and haulers that College Hunks’ standard service seems amazing to them. They can’t believe that we don’t work slowly just to drag out the clock.

They’re somehow surprised that we don’t show up looking disheveled and unkempt. They’re not used to crews who are personable and actually listen to their thoughts and concerns.

Sadly, it seems that the junk hauling and moving industries are utterly “WOW-less.”

Still, if we’re the exception to that norm, standing alone as the sole beacon of “WOW” in an otherwise “WOW-less” industry, then I’m proud to have that distinction.

So, if our standard service is something that “WOW’s” you, let us know.

And, if you’ve had a “WOW” experience from another company in any part of the service industry, let us know that too.

Basically, if a service provider blew your mind in any way, big or small, tell us how. Just click right here to go to Facebook and share your story.

So, friends, we’ll talk more about “WOW” next week. In the meantime, remember, stay stress-free!