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Diary of a CEO - Part 1: Discovering What It Means to "WOW"

My Search for How to Truly “WOW” Our Clients

8-Part Blog Series by Omar Soliman, Founder and CEO of College Hunks

Part 1: What is “WOW”?

My name is Omar Soliman, and I’m the CEO and co-founder of College Hunks Hauling Junk and College Hunks Moving.

I’m writing because I want to share with you our company’s search for the best ways to truly “WOW” our clients and take College Hunks’ service to the next level. I want to you to be a part of that search…a part of our story.

At College Hunks, there’s been a lot of discussion about what we can do to provide consistent “WOW” moments to each and every one of our clients, but instead of just hearing ideas from my College Hunks team,

I want to hear from our most important advisors: you. I want to know what your “WOW” is. Let me explain.

“WOW”, or a “WOW moment”, is that moment when you can’t help but step back and say “WOW!” because of the unbelievable lengths that a company or team went through to help you out. It could be any experience, big or small, where a service provider went above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.

At College Hunks, we’re not in the business of hauling junk or even moving. I personally believe that we’re in the business of helping people beyond what they even realized was possible.

Our mission as an organization and as individuals is to “Move The World”. We want to make sure that, at every turn, we aren’t just meeting your expectations, but far surpassing them to the point where the only word you can think to say is “WOW!”

Over the course of this 8-part series,I’ll tell you what this process means to me personally and to the College Hunks organization, how it began and evolved, and why we feel it is the key ingredient in our success. I’ll even share the best ideas from our readers right here on the blog.

Here’s what it all boils down to: at the end of the day, your opinions are what matters. The College Hunks brand isn’t growing because of what I do every day, but because of your support, your interaction, your appreciation and your willingness to recommend our business to others.

It seems like a lot of companies these days have forgotten that their brand is created by their clients, but I believe that the voice of our clients should count above all else.

So, remember, check us out next week for the next post in the series, and in the meantime, let us HUNKS know what we could do to “WOW” you.

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