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How to Pick a Great Christmas Tree

Growing up, my dad refused to endure an artificial Christmas tree.

Nothing against artificial trees, but I enjoyed having a real tree. It seemed to add a sense of sincerity to our holiday traditions and we appreciated that.

The only problem: we never knew what we were going to get.

Every year, we’d drive up to the local hardware store, grab a tree and haul it back to our house without knowing whether it was a Douglas Fir or a White Spruce. We didn’t know if it would retain its needles well or not. We had no clue if it needed watering often or could go without it for a day.

Most notably, we didn’t know if putting the ornaments on it would ultimately require bandaids because the needles were so sharp that it seemed like the tree was biting back (I now realize that one particular year we grabbed a Scotch Pine on steroids… not fun for us children who were responsible for decorating it).

But now, College Hunks has the answer. Check out this quick guide to finding the right tree for you!

Now you can decide exactly which tree works best for you!

For example, if you like a tree that looks thick and full with tight branching, consider a Pine.

If you have a lot of heavy ornaments and holding them up is your main concern, you might want to check out a Fir or Spruce.

So good luck with the tree picking this year!

And remember, if you need a hand with the heavy lifting, you can always give College Hunks a call at 1-800-586-5872 or schedule your stress-free holiday junk removal service online right here!