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1 Trick, 5 Reasons: Get the Most Spring Out of Your Space

It’s Spring. It’s that time of year when the temperatures are just warm enough to tempt you into summer activities (hmm, jumping into that pool seems like a good idea) but not quite warm enough to truly enjoy it (AGH! I JUST SWALLOWED MY TONSILS! WHY IS THE WATER STILL SO COLD?!?!).

Summer is on the way, make no mistake, but in the meantime, you’ll need to find ways to walk that line between the hot fun of Summer and the luke-warm reality of Spring.

College Hunks Hauling Junk and College Hunks Moving knows the perfect way to get the most “Spring” out of your space.

It’s simple, really. All you have to do is open a window or door… and leave it open.

The weather is perfect during certain hours of most days. Take advantage. You might wake up shivering if you leave the windows open over night, but why not pop those bad boys open during the day if the temp is right?

As long as you have a screen, this is the perfect way to get the most “Spring” out of your space.

“How,” you ask?

Okay, Diane Sawyer, I’ll tell you.

I took the liberty of compiling this list of 5 reasons why you need to open your windows and doors. Enjoy!

1. Circulation. You’ve been stuffed up inside your home all winter… and so has the air. You’ve been sitting in a pool of stagnant, cough-and-sneeze-filled air for the past five months. What about that sounds healthy to you?

2. Bills. Turn off your a/c or heater and let Mother Nature handle it. It’s free. Plus, she does good work.

3. Psychology. They call it the “Winter blues,” not the “Spring blues.” So CHEER UP!

When you crack the windows, you invite all the smells and sounds of spring and the outdoors into your cozy abode (provided you don’t live right next to the highway). Plus, you make your space seem much bigger since there is no boundary between the inside and outside of your home.

All of this will put you in a better mood, almost instantly.

As I said before, just make sure you have screens up, otherwise you’ll also invite bugs into your home.

4. Motivation. Once you’ve opened your home and yourself up to the outside world, you’ll notice that you’re more motivated to get things done. On your days off, you’ll get dressed a little earlier, get things done a little quicker, and maybe put down the remote control and decide to go explore the world beyond your doorstep.

5. Acclimation. Don’t wait until summer gets here to get used to the warmth. The more time you spend outside, the easier it will be to stay out there. If you wait until it’s already hot, you won’t want to deal with the heat. Don’t be a hermit. Enjoy life.

As with most things in life, one good decision leads to the next. Put three or four together, and you have a good habit. As the saying goes, you are what you repeatedly do. So, even if you can’t get outside as much as you’d like, now is the time that you can bring the outdoors inside to you. It’s as simple as that!

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