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A New Space By New Years - Part 1 - The Bathroom

The 6-part series dedicated to helping you de-clutter your home in time to start the new year off right!

Part 1 – The Bathroom

With the holidays approaching faster than Usain Bolt on his way to the bathroom, that’s just the place you should focus on first – the bathroom. This is the time of year when, whether you want them or not, you’re going to have visitors.

More often than not, most of those guests will end up making a trip or two to your bathroom at some point. So, is that room ready for company?

A general rule it helps to follow is that if you have more toothbrushes in your bathroom than you have teeth in your mouth, it might be time to start de-cluttering. Here’s how:

1. Take inventory. The nice thing about the bathroom is that it’s usually one of the smaller rooms in the house and most of the excess clutter is in a closet or cabinet. The easiest way to take inventory is to pull everything out at once and make a pile of things to keep.

2. Separate the piles. If you already have one of something in the “keep” pile, throw the repeated items in a separate pile to be thrown out. I know it can be difficult to part with those spare razor blades, you know, the ones that go to that old razor you haven’t seen in five years, butunless you’re going to shave “freestyle,” you have to know when to let go of certain things.

3. Reorganize practically. Once you’ve got the remaining items that you want to keep, decide which ones get the most use on a daily basis. Put those in the medicine cabinet or in an easy to reach drawer.

The rest can go in lower or harder to reach drawers, or toward the back of a closet. This way, you won’t have to reach over things you don’t use as often to get to the ones you do.

Once you’ve finished de-cluttering and organizing the bathroom, you won’t have to justify your toenail clipper collection to your visitors by pretending you keep one clipper for each nail, so get to it!

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