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Top 10 Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas of 2011

Well folks, we’re in the final countdown. We’ve hit the single digits for shopping days before the holidays.

So, if you’ve been too busy going to parties, drinking eggnog, and deciding if you need a HAZMAT team to remove Aunt Edna’s fruitcake from your fridge, it’s time to switch gears. Now is your last chance to brave the shopping malls and department stores to grab the right gifts for your family and friends.

After all, you don’t want to wind up on the naughty list for giving gifts that scream, “I WAS DESPERATE AND BOUGHT THIS AT A GAS STATION!” So, what should you do to stay on the “Nice” list?

Whatever you do, don’t panic. The HUNKS are here to help! At College Hunks, we like to keep things stress-free for everyone so here are our top 10 picks for the best, last-minute holiday gifts for anybody on your list.

1. Music. Everybody loves some kind of music, even if they don’t always buy it for themselves. This is a gift that you can buy in a variety of formats, making it fast and easy. Put together a collection of songs tailored to the recipient’s tastes and they’ll think you spent all day on it.

2. Food. Holiday gift baskets are popular for a reason: they are delicious and can be shipped quickly. Plus, restaurant gift cards are available in several national-chain supermarkets and drug stores.

3. Movies. Wrap up movie tickets with a certificate for the snack bar. Or, if it’s for a cinephile of the hermit variety, purchase a copy of that favorite, treasured classic and add a box of popcorn or candy.

4. Lottery tickets! Come on, this is a great gift to receive. Who doesn’t want a chance at millions of dollars? Bundle some scratch-off cards or lottery tickets and watch your recipient smile. If that doesn’t seem like enough by itself, add it to another gift package. Oh, and feel free to donate a portion of the winnings to your favorite blog writer… if you want… just a thought…just sayin’.

5. Plants. Flowers are beautiful but plants are a gift that keeps on living. Just keep it low-maintenance. Orchids, for example, are gorgeous but delicate – too much stress for us HUNKS. Instead, go with a cactus! Okay, maybe not a cactus, but something that won’t take much work.

6. A framed photo. People take a lot of pictures, but how many of us actually take the time to print a nice copy and frame it. There are many online tools and apps to help you make an average cell photo look like an Annie Leibovitz.

7. Pet supplies. What pet owner doesn’t need one more pet toy?! Plus, you can find them in holiday colors and shapes. Pair it with Fido’s regular dog food or treats and it’ll be all wags for you.

8. Handmade gift coupons. Don’t laugh, this isn’t just for the kids. Think up a few projects that you’re willing to tackle for someone on your list: car wash, house cleaning, photo organizing, babysitting, yard work, golfing with an in-law, etc. The more horrible the task, the more points you’ll score. Just print the coupon out on a nice looking certificate, wrap and go.

9. Books/Magazines. With all of the different electronic formats available now, you’ll be able to purchase and send quickly.

10. Gift Cards! They’re wildly popular for a reason. It’s a gift that says, “pick it out yourself.” It’s like money, but with stipulations!

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