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A New Space By New Years - Part 4 - The Bedroom

The 6-part series dedicated to helping you de-clutter your home in time to start the new year off right!

Part 4 – The Bedroom

With the holiday season underway, it’s natural to worry about the cleanliness and organization of your home, and for good reason. You’ve got to stay on top of the kitchen, otherwise, it could get out of control quicker than a fourth-grade food fight.

It’s helpful to make room in your closet, especially if you plan on having guests because you’ll need extra coat room. But there is one space that often falls into neglect, and it’s the one area that never shouldthe bedroom.

Think about it. At the end of the day, the bedroom is your own personal refuge from everything and everyone. You’re at your most relaxed and comfortable in your bedroom (or should be), otherwise, how would you ever get to sleep?

Unless something falls off that big pile of clutter and knocks you unconscious, it can be difficult to sleep in such an environment.

So, if you want a relaxing night’s sleep without the concussion, here are some steps to help you tackle the problem:

1. Identify the problem. If you have to walk sideways through a storage swamp to reach your bed, you’ve got too much clutter. If, when you finally get into bed, it feels like you’re sleeping in the eye of a clutter-cane, you’ve definitely got too much clutter.

You should be able to walk into your bedroom without stubbing your toe on a pile of who-knows-what before climbing into bed, where you need a sleeping mask to visually block what amounts to a sea of stress surrounding your sleep-haven.

2. Take action. Get rid of all the things in your bedroom that don’t need to be there. Leave the alarm clock where it is, for example, but put the pile of seasonal clothes (sweaters for the winter and shorts for the summer) in a drawer or closet.

If there’s no room, thenyou need to start making the tough decisions on what to keep and what to donate or move to a storage unit.

This may require a little rearranging, but if you desperately want to keep that horrendous “Rudolph-the-glitter-and-bedazzle-nosed-reindeer” sweater in your bedroom, you’ll have to make room in the dresser… where no one else has to look at it… ever.

3. Relax. Once you’ve gotten everything into its own drawer or spot in the closet, take a nap. See if you don’t sleep better knowing that everything around you is neatly organized and put away

Just make sure you set that alarm because you may never want to leave your newly de-cluttered sanctuary again!

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