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5 Ways to De-clutter Before Your Move

Moving can be a smooth experience or a complete disaster. The key to a successful move is planning, preparation, and action.

The first step is removing the items you don’t need to take with you.

This means using our five-step process while going through your whole house or office and identifying what stays and what goes.

1) Make Decisions – Junk, clutter and other unwanted items are typically a series of unmade decisions. When decisions are made, items just can’t pile up because there is a consistent effort to ensure items go where they are supposed to.

2) Ask Great Questions – It is this inquiry process that will help you accurately identify unwanted items and leave you with only what you want to take. Papers, old appliances, and destroyed furniture are typically a few questions away from becoming unneeded junk.

Other items still in great condition can be donated and reused. Go through your house looking at items and ask yourself: “Do I want it, Do I love it, Do I need it?”

3) Identify Your Clutter Zones – Carefully work your way through your home or office thinking about what items should stay and what items should go. Take some time to map out a bird’s eye view of your home, its rooms, and the potential items within.

Remember: even items in great shape can be donated and reused by someone in need while the junk can be recycled and disposed of. This leaves only your most valuable prized possessions to be moved.

4) Start A Pile – This process should be fun and cleansing where you go into a room and deal with every item in sight including drawers, closets etc.

Just build the biggest pile you can with no regrets. The more you can get rid of the less you have to move.

5) Use Your Magic Junk Finger – Now that you have piles of unwanted items set aside, schedule your free estimate with a professional junk removal service who can make that go away pronto.

If you’re planning on moving soon, we hope you take action on what you have learned right away. These pre-moving steps will help you get everything you don’t need out of the way making your move much quicker and easier.

We wish you the best of luck on your next move!